Couples planning to marry are welcome to contact me for an

                                       obligation free chat.


You will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) at

least one month before the marriage and no earlier then 18 months.

It is advisable to complete this notice early to book a celebrant, so

that you get a celebrant you feel comfortable with. 

Once you decide on a Celebrant, you will meet in person  to complete

your NOIM. Alternatively this can be done via Skype.


Prior to your marriage supporting documentation including your

official birth certificate (or extract). Copies won't be accepted,

and/or Australian or overseas passport as evidence of date and

place of birth.  

You must provide photographic identification in the form of a driver’s

license (or proof of age or identification card) and evidence of any

termination of any previous marriage/s, or of any change of name.

A Commonwealth Statutory Declaration may in some cases be

accepted as evidence if date or place of birth is not able to be


You don’t have to be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident

of Australia to legally marry here.


Once the NOIM is signed, we start to work on your special day.

I will supply you with some sample ceremonies, with vows, poems and readings to get your creativity started.

I am available via email as often as is required in order to design a ceremony that is uniquely yours.


Closer to the day of the marriage, you can choose whether or not you would like a rehearsal. This can either be at the venue, or another location. This is a good time to sign the Declaration of No Impedement to Marriage form.



I will arrive at the venue at least half an hour before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. I will set up my signing table and PA system, if they are required.


You will sign your Marriage Certificates and be given the commemorative copy to keep. You are required to have two witnesses over the age of 18, to sign the Marriage Certificates. They need to be able to hear your vows in order to be witnesses.

After the ceremony, your marriage is then registered by me with the Registry of Births, Deaths ad Marriages in the State/Territory where the ceremony took place. You are required to apply for your registered copy yourself, but I am happy to help if needed.